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Welcome to my website. It has been my privilege to work in the arts in various capacities over the last 30 years. In that time I’ve had the opportunity to do many things: I’ve run my own photo studio, taught art with Learning Through the Arts, designed numerous books and posters, taught architecture with the University of Manitoba, run a gallery, worked as an art dealer, worked as a sculptor, worked as assistant art director on numerous films, hosted an arts talk radio show and much more.


For some of us, life is long and unpredictable and you never know what is around the corner. I now own and operate an architectural details company called NEXUS Glass & Steel Inc. Through it I get to explore design and apply all I’ve learned through these varied experiences. Throughout this journey I’ve always tried to stay true to what is important to me. For me the practice of art is many things, but if done a certain way, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. For me making art is no different than making love. It should be that passionate; that pure.


In this website I have attempted to collect some of my favourite examples of works I’ve done over the years. The work is varied and some of them do not easily fit in. I’ve done my best to organize them by category. I. hope you enjoy what you see here. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me and if you like what you see, please share it with a friend.


Aleem Khan 

B. Env. Studies, B. Political Sc., B. Env. Design


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